Justiss Ranch, LLP - Quality cattle since 1936.
Registered Polled Herefords and Salers for Sale
    We invite you to look at the quality breeding program that our father Adron Justiss has put together over the years .  This  ranch in Northeast Texas is family owned since 1868 and has been in the Registered Polled Hereford business since 1936.  Salers, which make an excellent cross with Herefords, were added in the 1980's.  We have Registered Black Salers as well as commercial. 
    We offer a good selection of moderately priced bulls with excellent bloodlines for sale to both registered and commercial herds.  We also sell open heifers. Our females have been bred for good milking ability, gentleness, calving ease and profitability.
  Because our cattle are grass fed with some protein supplement, they are ready to go to work in the pasture, unlike cattle that have been fed heavily and have a long adjustment period.

Currently available for sale:


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Offering sustainably grown
 beef cattle.
We grow all our own hay, recycling the nutrients back into our soil.  Our cattle
are grass fed, with some supplemental
protein in winter months.
This link takes you to a story about the conservation history of our family ranch.
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